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While we sell whole beefs by hanging weight along with 1/2s and 1/4s by the hanging weight. As well as individual cuts by the pound (CLICK HERE TO FIND OUT MORE) we are also excited to announce:


Be sure to check out G&G Longhorn beef being sold at Frank Spera's Custom Butchering in Spring City, PA. We are honored to be apart of such a great establishment.

We're now at 3333 Jacks Shop Road, Rochelle, VA 22738. Our office number is no more as well. 

Thursday March 21st, 2019

Well we're coming into the grass. It's really on the brink of exploding. I'm hoping next week it comes on hard. We've had about a week of dry days but today we got another 2.5" of rain. Things are back to muddy again. We didn't make it through the winter unscathed. We lost a great cow, SDR Van Altha. This cow was smoking, 80"ttt at 3 years 3 months. She got a horn stuck in the mud and ended up flipped over with a broken neck. How in the world that happens, we'll never know. We did talk to a man who said he watched two cows fight one time, and that happened right in front of him. Was it a fight? Did she slip? We just don't know.

We got back from the Legacy Sale. It was a tough time for many. The winter has certainly gotten some people down. The upside is there are some great cattle out there to purchase. We sold two, one for $3,000 and one for $2,800. The $3,000 cow we paid $6,000 for and the $2,800 cow we paid $4,500 for. That's just how it works, just because we bought them for $X doesn't mean they're going to be worth that. We also picked up two cows, giving less for them than I thought they were worth. So it works out evenly. Swap stock, now is a good time to buy. 
We'll see you down the road...

Bear Davidson

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