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The East Coast Longhorn Classic Sale Catalog is now online, live, and ready to go.

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September 21st & 22nd in Culpeper, VA
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We're now at 3333 Jacks Shop Road, Rochelle, VA 22738. Our office number is no more as well. 

Saturday June 23rd, 2018

I remember when I use to write in this every week. Sometimes twice a week.  Now, lately we've been so dang busy that it takes months for me to update this. I know a lot of people use to religiously look forward to these journal entries. I'm sorry for not being more fulfilling. 

Right now I'm sitting in the hotel room in Arkansas City, KS. We just finished up Debbie Bowman's dispersal sale. It went well. It's a tough move I can imagine but hopefully she'll get what she's wanting out of it. Two weeks ago we were in Oregon for the Fey Sale. What an awesome event. I love these regional sales. The week before that we were in Wisconsin for their sale. Another great regional sale. There was Red's and the Millennium Futurity in May, and before that was Debbie's Midwest Sale and the Cherry Blossom Sale. We've been going hard. 

The farm has been suffering a little. With me gone so much not much has been getting done. We're trying to get the rest of our pastures clipped. We'll be working on finishing up our working pens. Then hopefully things calm down. We've been getting crushed with rain lately. Massive flooding has put us behind hard.  
We'll see you down the road...

Bear Davidson

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