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  • Rustic Appomattox (above) is our newest heifer out of 87.5"ttt RRR Miss Diamond (below) and sired by Hubbells 20 Gauge. 

We're now at 3333 Jacks Shop Road, Rochelle, VA 22738. Our office number is no more as well. 

Monday, December 3rd, 2018

Well we are feeling the cold. And some days the warmth. Today was in the 60s. They're calling for snow fall this weekend. Go figure. We're still running cows on grass. If all goes well we'll be able to run the main herd until mid January and the Cherry Hill Herd until mid February. As long as it doesn't get really wet and the cows go to tearing up fields it'll be great. We also have our new fields that we are still fencing off we've been working on the last two years. My plan with them is to turn cows out if it's dry our the ground is frozen. Maybe even put some hay out on it.

We still have one more cow to calf. We've had a really nice year, more heifers than bulls. We wish we could have that every year. 

We'll see you down the road...

Bear Davidson

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