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We're now at 3333 Jacks Shop Road, Rochelle, VA 22738. Our office number is no more as well. 

Monday March 27th, 2017

It's been almost three months since we've updated the cowboy journal. A lot has been going on. Calving season is here right smack dab in the middle of sale season too. We just got back from the Legacy Sale last week before I loaded up with Shawn Pequignot and flew out to Rick Friedrich's place in Fredericksburg, TX to take some wounded Vets on their first turkey hunt. I got home at 2am this morning and we'll be here for three days before we head off for the HV Sale this weekend. Lots happening.

We have a sweet young heifer in the Futurity. She has a great horn measurement at 13 months old. Check out Knock Ur Socks Off. We'll see how she does this weekend. 

We'll see you down the road...

Bear Davidson

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