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2021 Sale Catalog

East Coast Futurity Sponsors

The Cattle Baron - $400
Ann Gravett, G&G Longhorns, VA
John & Opor King, J&J Longhorns, PA
John & Christine Talley, Talley Longhorns, MD
Chase Vasut, Rockin AF Ranch, TX
David & Retta Henry, DR Henry Ranch, WV
Dale Metz & Doc Noble, FHR Longhorns, TX

The Stockman - $275
Melissa Boerst & Chris Swanson, Silver Summit Ranch, NV
Hank & Cheryl Helsley, Circle H Longhorn Ranch, VA
Greg Kott, Laid Back Ranch, OH
Jeremy & Samantha Kronz, Barberry Farms, PA

The Ranch Manager - $150
Mike & Jennie Gordy, MJ Gordy Ranch, AL

Sunday August 22nd, 2021

It's been 5 months since I've written in this Cowboy Journal last. I'll be honest, and this is the first time I've put anything out there publicly but it's been a tough one. The simplest way to put it, just struggles. Struggles with things I'm not wanting to talk about. Like much of my life, my personal life is always really personal. And it seems like this spring and summer flew by.

The whole spring sale season was awesome. Cattle prices are threw the roof. We had a nice spring, cooler than usual. But the summer has been dry. We didn't get much rain in the month of May. This summer it's been your typical summer, we have some rain, then got hot. The end of July and beginning of August we had a lot of dry days. Grass was burning up. Then we had a hurricane move in and we got a few days of rain. That might be the saving grace this summer.

We have the East Coast Longhorn Classic here a few weeks away. Let's get to that and everyone can take a deep breath. 

We'll see you down the road...

Bear Davidson

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