G&G Fall Classic

Consignment Rules

September 13-14, 2024  -  Culpeper, VA

1. All nominations must be received by the G&G Fall Classic Sale management by the deadline of July 19, 2024. Each nomination is subject to acceptance by the Sale Committee.

2. All cattle must be registered in the seller's name. Calves selling at the dam's side must be noted on the dam's transfer application.

3. The consignment fee will be $350 plus 10% commission if the consignor purchases and 15% if the consignor does not purchase at the sale unless the consignor elects to sponsor.
a. $350 must accompany each nomination application. Make checks payable to G&G Longhorns. The commission will be deducted from the sale proceeds.
Mail checks to G&G Longhorns 3333 Jacks Shop Rd, Rochelle, VA 22738
b. Failure to sell your animal will result in forfeiture of the $350 consignment fee.
c. Scratched lots will result in forfeiture of the $350 consignment fee. Substitutions will be permitted after the consignment deadline; however, the seller will be responsible for providing all relevant information (i.e. Original Registration Certificate, Transfer Application, Consignment Form, etc.) to G&G Longhorns no later than August 31, 2024

4. All nominations must be accompanied by the following:
a. Signed Consignment Form.
b. Check for $350 consignment fee.
c. A catalog quality photograph of your animal in one of the following formats:
i. Standard 4" x 6" size. No Polaroid photos will be accepted.
ii. Digital photo (.jpeg) can be sent via email to: chasevasut@yahoo.com
d. Original ITLA or TLBAA Registration Certificate.
e. Completed, ITLA or TLBAA Transfer Certificate. If your consignment has a calf at side, be sure to fill in the breeding information so the calf can be registered.
f.  If your cow has been artificially inseminated, an official ITLA or TLBAA Breeding Certificate signed by the technician is required.

5. The G&G Fall Classic assumes no responsibility for any guarantee made by seller.

6. All cattle must be tested for interstate shipment. Each animal must have an individual Health Certificate showing brucellosis and T.B. tests, unless from a certified-free brucellosis or TB herd. (Cattle from certified- free states must be still be tested.) All cattle must be tested within 30 days of sale date. Health papers must be dated within 30 days of sale date. Serological test for brucellosis must be conducted in a State/Federal lab.

7. All cattle consigned to the G&G Fall Classic must have an identification tag that meets the approval of the State of Virginia. Typically, cattle must either have a metal OCV ear tag (right ear) or an RFID ear tag (left ear). The official identification number from the ear tag must be shown on the health papers.

8. Health papers must contain all the information outlined in the Health Requirements, properly completed health papers must be presented at the time the animal enters the sale facility, and each consignor is responsible for delivering all required papers to the sale chairman or his representative. Make sure your veterinarian clearly identifies the private herd number of your animal. For those with certified free herds, it will be necessary to have your last test date for your herd certification noted on your health papers, along with a list of cattle tested.

9. Consignors are required to have a completed health certificate for each animal consigned to the sale. Normally, the veterinarian will complete one health certificate even if there are several animals to be included. Duplicate copies of the original health certificate can be used for each lot. Animals without complete health papers will be rejected, and all consignment fees forfeited.

10. Please be aware that the latest Virginia health requirements do not allow for any latitude. Without complete health papers as per paragraph #6, and proper ear tag identification per paragraph #7, the Cherry Blossom Sale will not be able to accept your consignment. The consignment will not be unloaded from the trailer, and your consignment fee will be forfeited.

11. All exposed females, with or without calves at side, must be blood tested for pregnancy or palpated by a licensed veterinarian and pregnancy status written on the health certificate.

12. The sale chairman or his representative will visually inspect all cattle upon arrival at the sale facility. All inspections will be carried out with utmost discretion.

13. The G&G Fall Classic & G&G Longhorns assumes no responsibility or liability for any guarantee made by the consignor. All guarantees are strictly between the consignor and the buyer. The G&G Fall Classic is not responsible for the health or safety of animal consigned to the sale. This includes loss of life, loss of health, loss by theft or other perils.

14. All consignors must comply with all of the above rules and regulations and conditions subsequently passed by the G&G Fall Classic.

15. SALE MANAGEMENT: Chase Vasut (512) 917-8654 or Shawn Pequignot (540)-406-3155

16. PO's (Pass Outs): If a lot results in a PO, the consignor will be charged an 8% Pass Out fee based on the last achieved bid that did not reach the reserve sale price. This fee must be paid at the check out to receive Load Out documents. Sale sponsorships will waive the PO fees.
Example: If the reserve is $10,000 and the final bid is $8000, the PO fee due is $640
Reserve Sale Price? YES____ NO____ If yes, that reserve number must be agreed upon by the sale. Reserve price MAY be lowered after acceptance into the sale, if agreed upon, but may not increase. If Yes: Reserve Price:$________
If Yes: Check one _____Hard Reserve (Not flexible in price)  _____Soft Reserve ( Flexible in price)
Contact Chase Vasut at chasevasut@yahoo.com or 512-917-8654