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Sunhaven Farms, MD - Jay & Suzi Wachter
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Eastwind StockCo Consulting, VA - Bear Davidson
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We're now at 3333 Jacks Shop Road, Rochelle, VA 22738. Our office number is no more as well. 

Cowboy Journal 

Sunday January 1st, 2017

The new year is here. It's been a relatively warm winter so far. We've been burning up some hay but we should finish out this year with a lot less than we have in years past. With this new operation we've been really focusing on our operation aspect to decrease waste and increase efficiency. We are still working on our barns and will be working on our pens here soon. The current plans call for 175 posts, 8,000 feet of guard rail for the pens, almost two dozen gates. But once it's set up we'll be in a great spot.

Spring time is coming, that means sale time. We are excited about the sale options we have for this spring. Our herd is really coming along strong with our own breeding, something that hasn't happen in my time here. Ben's idea was sell everything and buy everything else. Ann's idea is more grow eternally. It's really been an wonderful plan that's really starting to work strong.

We'll see you down the road...

Bear Davidson

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