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Cherry Blossom Sale
Saturday, April 19th, 2014
Culpepper, VA

Pre-Sale Party hoisted by Ben & Ann Gravett at their home in Warrenton, VA on 
Friday night, April 18th, 2014

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Cowboy Journal 

Thursday March 27th, 2014

It's been a long time since I've written here. It's been a tough run too. I headed out to Texas for the Legacy X Sale a week early. I spent some time with T Bar W Ranch. It was a good four days. Between visiting them and the sale we dropped off a couple head of cows and picked up two new heifers, one from Miller Ranch Longhorns and one from Dreamcatcher Ranch.  It was a long time on the road. 

I left out of here in a snow storm while calving and had to lay over in Texas an extra day to wait on a storm to blow through. We lost five calves during that time. Then we got hit with another storm. Three storms in three weeks. This is March. It's not suppose to happen like that. We lost two more calves after the originally five. 

While checking the pasture after the last storm I noticed a heifer laying in the same spot she was early that morning. mother not around. I went over and picked her up. She was awake and well but she wouldn't stand. So I rounded up her mother and put the heifer into the truck to warm up. I just thought she was cold and needed a reboast. No go. She came and stayed in the house. Basement at first then I moved her to the kitchen. She's taking the bottle well but she's not standing up at all. I need her to stand and move around. Even though she's going to be a bottle baby and a pet she's not going to make it if she doesn't stand.

The weather is suppose to be blowing out of here. A rainy next two days is in store. Once that's out of here then we're looking in the high 60s. We need it. We're so far behind on everything.

See you down the road...

Bear Davidson

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