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Wednesday June 6th, 2017

We've been grinding away all spring. We just got back from the Great Northern Longhorn Classic Sale in Montello, WI. I had a blast. It's the kind of sale that really improves a market in that area. Wisconsin never had a Longhorn Sale in it's history. Dan Huntington, Mike Theil, and Dave Billgren did a great job in putting it together. It was just enough to really make an impact and has lots of room to grow. An $1890 average is really awesome. Congratulations to them. Red McCombs was fun. Chase Vasut and I went and hung out with Mike Davis for a few days and got to enjoy his ranch. Justin Henry and I went to the Millennium where Chromed won his class.

The ranch is coming along strong. We've been mowing pastures and will be spraying fence lines here soon. We're almost done piling up wood and such on the 25 acres we've timbered to burn. The next step is fencing that in and working on our catch pens. Then putting pipe up for the working facilities. It's all coming together slow but things are happening.

We'll see you down the road...

Bear Davidson

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