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Like always we're have a great inventory of bull prospects and young heifers. 

These bulls range from 15 and 16 month olds to just a few months old. They're about ready to breed.

The many of the yearling heifers are exposed to Heavy Dose (son of the late LLL Lucky's Cinderella who sold for $20,000, $42,000, and then reportedly $75,000). Younger heifers haven't been exposed.

Check them out and give us a holler. We'll be working on a trailer load heading west in December. 
(pictured above)
(pictured above)

5th Annual Fall Roundup

Saturday October 25th, 2014

In the fall of 2010 G&G decided to have a small field day.  Originally planned to be a small group of 10-15 friends quickly turned into a gathering of over 100 people & 60 head of cattle filled with good laughs, funny jokes, a catered lunch, & some quick work of branding spring calves.  Since then the Fall Roundup has branded over 180 head of cattle and had an attendance of over 350 people.  As we enter the 5th Annual Fall Roundup we want to invite and welcome as many longhorn enthusiasts as we can to join us in this year’s event.

The fall roundup has always signified many things.  It was the unofficial end to a long summer of doctoring calves and cows, making sure stock had plenty of hay and water during the hot months, and gathering up plenty of hay for the winter.  It was the unofficial start to winter where the work was going to take twice as long in the cold, where hay becomes worth its weight in gold, where a warm stove and a hot cup of coffee becomes a man’s daily salvation. But most importantly it was a time of friendship, fellowship, and cowboying; a time to visit, recollect, talk about what was and what is, strengthen old relationships, make new ones, & talk cattle.  We ask you to please come join us on October 24th- 25th on our ranch in Catlett, VA as we continue our quest in the promotion of all things longhorn.              

                          Sincerely, Ann Gravett, G&G Longhorns


Everyone and anyone who are longhorn enthusiasts are welcome! Please RSVP


The Fall Roundup: To find out more about the Fall Roundup click HERE

The BG Futurity- For more information about the BG Futurity click HERE. For Entry Forms click HERE

Please RSVP with Bear at 540.687.0050 or


Cowboy Journal 

Tuesday August 12th, 2014

It took me awhile to get back to writing this. I really remember when I'd do it every week. Now it seems like I just don't have anything to write about. Or that I bore you with it. Right now I'm having a cowboy holiday. As the late and great Mel Raley would call it. It's raining pretty good outside and today's a day to kick back and put your boots up. Mel was one of the best ranch managers I ever heard of. But one thing Mel didn't do was market the cattle. So while I wish I was putting my feet up I have so much stuff to do inside the office that a rainy day just means I spend less time in the heat. 

We needed the rain bad. It hasn't rained in a while. The pastures were turning a little crunchy. Hopefully this will give us the kick we need to get into fall. We have one last farm down the road to cut and that should be the hay for the year.

Since I last wrote we lost another breeder. Joe Valentine passed to cancer. He and Ben were really good friends at one time then they would have their disagreements and go their separate ways. Their relationship seemed like sound waves, crossing paths and then separating, crossing paths again and then separating again. It's sad to lose someone that has history with us. Joe and Lorinda have always treated me well. Recently, at the Hudson/Valentine Sale when it became public knowledge that Ben wasn't doing well Joe and Lorinda spoke to me about a lot of things. Some of it was tough to swallow and there were tears (thank goodness for cowboy hats to cover my eyes with). But it was something I needed. I felt like I could confide in them. 

But now Joe joins Ben and Mickey. I hope they're having a good time and I hope to see them again. But not soon.

See you down the road...

Bear Davidson

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