Here's where a good herd starts.  A single bull has the power to influence your whole herd.  We are thrilled to share these fine, young herd sire prospects. We are extremely selective in choosing what gets to stay a bull.  First, the bull needs to act like a bull.  He needs to have something inside him that we notice when we're in the pasture with the cattle, even as a calf.  It's an attitude and a personality.  Second, he needs to look like a bull.  He needs to have the confirmation, even as a calf.  Third, he needs to have the breeding.  We figure about 60% of the bull's producing capability relies on his dam's side.  He needs to be out of a great producing female.  And lastly, he needs to pass what's called "final decision". 

We're proud of these bulls.  And we'd like to see them do well for someone's program.  If you don't have the space to keep a bull or the financial situation the purchase one talk to Shawn about leasing an animal for a breeding season.  It's more economical then you think.