Culpeper Ag Enterprises
Culpeper, VA - September 21st & 22nd, 2018

We want to take a moment to invite and welcome every Longhorn breeder we know to this inaugural event. What started in the fall of 2010 as a Fall Roundup to help local breeders up and down the East Coast brand and vaccinate their cattle has grown to a local futurity, to a fundraiser for our veterans, and now into another sale for the East Coast. The past two years has seen our Fall Roundup event disappear because of the location of the new ranch. It just isn't conducive to setting up the 200+ panels for the futurity pens and parking all the trucks and trailers. We wanted to do something to help support the ever growing East Coast and help showcase our cattle to the masses. More and more new folks are getting involved in these cattle. Giving breeders an opportunity to gather, share stories, sell cattle, and build relationships is an ever increasing chance to build this industry from the inside out.

We are trying to combine some of our best ideas for this event. We will continue to have the Futurity on Friday afternoon. Unlike the Cherry Blossom Sale where Ann hosts a fantastic party at her home in Rochelle, Dan Huntington, Ann, and Bear will host a Virginia Pig Roast at the Sale Barn Friday night before Friday night's East Coast Spotlight Heifer Sale. This heifer sale will sell 15 top heifers from 15 programs from across the East Coast. Saturday will give us a nice breakfast at the sale barn followed by an 11am. For the first time that we've seen we're offering a sponsorship opportunity with free consignment and free commission among other things. We are also working on a different type of sale catalog to help the buyers gain more knowledge about the cattle being sold. 

So please join us in Culpeper, Virginia on the last weekend in September for our first sale. We promise to continue the Longhorn brotherhood as we have in the past with the spring events and our past fall events. We want to see the East Coast grow and we need everyone's support to do so. 

Consignment Forms
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East Coast Longhorn Classic Sponsorship

Reminder, please mail the following:

*COMPLETED transfer application
*Original ITLA, TLBAA, TLCA Certificate
*$300 consignment fee-make. Checks payable to G&G Longhorns
* Original AI/ET Certificate, if applicable

G&G Longhorns
3333 Jacks Shop Rd
Rochelle, VA 22738

*This is an integral part of your consignment form and must be signed in order to complete your consignment. Neither the East Coast Longhorn Classic Sale, G&G Longhorns, Huntington Auction Service assumes liability or responsibility for any guarantee made by consignor/owner. All guarantees pertaining to consigned animals are strictly between the consignor/owner and buyer. Neither the East Coast Longhorn Classic, G&G Longhorns and Huntington Auction Service is responsible for health or safety of any animal consigned to the East Coast Longhorn Classic sale. This includes loss of life, loss by theft, or any other perils. All consignors/owners must comply with all the rules and regulations of this event and fully understand the waiver/consent form and agree to its terms. With your signature you hereby agree to the conditions of the event and agree that all guarantees are between buyer and seller.

You further agree to indemnify and hold harmless East Coast Longhorn Classic, G&G Longhorns, and Huntington Auction Service, sales staff and duly authorized representatives from any and all claims, demands, causes of action or liabilities of any nature which may arise from or are in anyway related to the East Coast Longhorn Classic, and that if a buyer of a consigned animal is unable to accept delivery because of interstate health requirements, neither the consignor, nor East Coast Longhorn Classic, G&G Longhorns and Huntington Auction Service or its management , shall be responsible for refund or adjustment.