COMING SEPTEMBER 13th & 14th, 2019

2019 Sale Catalog
Sale Rules

Last year’s inaugural East Coast Longhorn Classic Sale was a tremendous success with great attendance in both the heifer sale and cow sale averaging over $5,000. We couldn’t have done this without the commitment from the consignors to put in quality cattle showcased their program. We’re dedicated this year to continue the excellence. We are searching across the country to bring in some of the best cattle the industry and East Coast has to offer. We aren’t asking people to flood this sale with half dozen consignments, but rather one or maybe two animals at best. This event is to continue to grow an ever expanding market at its pace and we want to make sure the sale grows at an equal pace. With the standards set by the quality of the sale last year, this means that not all animals will be accepted. We ask that you dig deep to bring your best and we will take care of the rest.  We want to SHOWCASE your program to this budding market and want cattle you’re proud to promote as coming from YOUR program. Let your cattle speak for themselves.

Returning from last year:

  • YELLOW Highlights- Last year we highlighted all the known over 80”ttt animals in the book. This was a huge hit with those following along.
  • Zero % Commission, a FREE Consignment and full page ad for Sponsors- Sponsors will get zero percent commission along with a full page ad and no consignment fee on their animal.
  • $1,000 no bid floor- No animals will sell for less than $1,000. We’ll pass them out should this be the case.
  • Hired Hand Live will of course be a part of this.

What’s new?

  • BC Ranch Rule- We modified an idea that Bow Carpenter had and with his permission are debuting it here at the ECLC. We have TWO awards happening.
    • High Seller- The consignor and buyer of the high selling lot will both be awarded $1,000 cash EACH.
    • Know Your Animal- Each consignor will be given a card to fill out guessing what their consignment will bring. This will be sealed up and at the end of the sale will be opened. The consignor that guesses the closest will win a customized YETI Cooler. A tie will be broken by the higher selling animal.

Our goal is to continue to help what’s been happening on the East Coast lately- great cattle bringing wonderful prices with ZERO Po’s the last 2.5 years and environment that will have you coming back year after year. Our dedication is to continue the extremely positive trend and we have no doubt that with your support, we can accomplish this.

  Ann Gravett, Bear Davidson, & Chase Vasut

Friday night Heifer Sale!

2018 Sale

2018 Sale Catalog here

2018 East Coast Longhorn Classic Sale
$5,396 avg Friday Night - $5,325 avg Saturday
0 POs - 26 buyers from 10 states

Saturday Showcase Sale!