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If you're looking for a heifer that represents our program in the here and now, this is her. Sired by Millennium Futurity winner KCCI Chromed who's daddy is Cowboy Catchit Chex, mother is 90"ttt KCCI Rio Fancy, and grandmothers are 90"ttt BL Rio Catchit and 90"ttt KCCI Outback Fancy. Chromed brings the loud brindle to this equation. On the bottom side you have D/O Iron Girl who sold for $15,000 and is working to pass 80"ttt at her young age. This little heifer has it all, confirmation and depth of body to go along with her great horn set. She's solid red, they produce the best colors. And with brindle Chromed in there there's no telling what could happen with her.
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