Cowboy Tuff Chex x BL Monika Heifer

Date of Birth: 3/3/2016
Owner Name:Craft/Gravett Parntership
Breeder:Craft/Gravett Partnership
Private Herd Number:303
Registration Number 1:Pending
For Sale:Yes
Sales Comments:Here’s the only public chance at a once in a lifetime embryo, there’s only going to be one of these auctioned off. Cowboy Tuff Chex needs no introduction with his 95”ttt+ measurement and his 92”ttt+ dam. BL Monika comes from arguably one of the most consistent and productive female lines in the industry ever including over 80” Lady Grate and over 80” Rio Monika. BL Monika measures over 86”ttt+ and has already produced an over 80”ttt daughter. Milking ability, production, horn set and horn growth is what you are getting. Increase your program with one simple heifer calf.