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People all across the country have a desire for G&G cattle and have been a huge part of our success.  It's tough to use the word "customer" for people who buy our cattle but at first that is what they are.  We pride ourselves in "customer service" and having new customers become old friends years down the road.  This cattle business is based so much off of strong relationships.  Beginning their endeavor in 1988, Mr. and Mrs. Gravett have been big contributors genetically and financially, as well as adding a lot of enjoyment to other breeders through knowledge and experience.  These relationships they have built have lasted the last three, almost four decades and people continually come back to visit and add great animals to their own programs.

"Aim high" has always been our goal in breeding the best animals we can.  We are also aiming high in wanting to get atleast one testimonial from every state.  Granted how incredibly difficult that will be considering the difficulties in selling animals to folks on total opposite sides of the country and even states where ranching and longhorns are slim if even present (ie. Rhode Island for example), we are stilling going to give it a go.  So if we are lucky enough to have a longhorn that fits your program so well or if you're looking to get started we'd love to hear about your experiences with us, whether it's our quality animals or relationships, we just want to know what we're doing right.

Thank you for allowing us to do what we love to do....