Ranch Manager

The Longhorn world spends a lot of time focusing on pedigrees and history while looking at the past to do the best to predict the future.  As one of the “flag ships” for the east coast Longhorn industry, G&G has used the formula in bringing the next legacy to its Longhorn program. The Pedigree is there.  Bear's father, former G&G ranch manager Bill Davidson, has been in the Longhorn world since the formation of the association in 1964 traveling the country with Bear's godfather and namesake, the late legendary auctioneer Col. Eddie Wood.  All throughout his childhood, Bear got a view of the Longhorn world that very few got to see.  After his father left G&G, Bear went to work closer to home for Northbrook Cattle Co and Rob Fenza while going to college.  After a few years in the corporate world Bear came onto work at G&G Longhorns. 

Since 2009 a lot has changed at G&G Longhorns.  The marketing aspect of the program has covered lots of new ground.  The local longhorn industry up and down the east coast has really grown with quality cattle.  The biggest implamentation from Bear has been the Fall Roundup in 2010. Since then the event has grown leaps and bounds even having their own Futurity in the fall of 2013. In the spring of 2014 Bear was honored with the Texas Longhorn Marketing Alliance's Ranch Manager of the Year Award. He has also judged multiple Futurities across the country.

Since taking over the Longhorn landscape has changed.  Technology has changed forever how we view these cattle.  With Bear's persistence G&G has been the front runner in many different marketing medias.  His website up-keep and updates have caused a craze because of the personal attention one can give to it.  The use of internet social medias like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, eblasts systems and others have allowed for contact with a whole new group of breeders.  Along with that, his direct marketing techniques have created whole new marketing avenues. 

It was quoted when he first began here that "we're anxious to see what changes may come to not only G&G but the longhorn world as we know it because of Bear.  I think it's safe to say we're proud of what he's doing not only for us but the rest of the longhorn nation." 

If you need to contact Bear try him by either his cell phone or email.  Cell (540) 687-0050 or beardavidson@ymail.com