The Cherry Blossom Heifer Futurity
Friday April 19th, 2019
The Cherry Blossom Sale, Culpeper, VA

Futurity Entry Forms
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Schedule of Events

We just wanted to invite you to the Cherry Blossom Futurity held at the Culpeper Sale Barn in Culpeper, VA on April 19th, the Friday before the Cherry Blossom Sale.

Futurities have taken the longhorn industry by storm with more and more popping up all over.  A futurity makes a great promotion tool for the longhorn industry as it promotes the values the market is looking for longhorns.  That is body, confirmation, horn growth, and color.  In what order though?  That’s what makes these cattle so great.  The class dates are simple and are listed on the entry form.  If you think you have a heifer that would do well we’d love to have your entry. 

Schedule of Events

Thursday April 18th, 2019

8am-5pm- Futurity & Sale Cattle Arrive

Friday April 19th, 2019

8am-9:30am- Futurity Cattle Arrive

8am-5pm- Sale Cattle Arrive

10am- The Cherry Blossom Futurity & Calcutta

12 noon- Wine and Moonshine Tour

*Need to RSVP

3pm- Marketing Seminar in the Sale Barn.

6pm- Pre-Sale party at G&G Longhorns, 3333 Jacks Shop Rd, Rochelle, VA 22738

Saturday April 20th, 2019

11am- The Cherry Blossom Sale