Dan & Paula New

Dan & Paula New
Windy Timber Farm
Woodsboro, MD

"After the third consecutive year attending the G&G Fall Roundup we saw a heifer we anted to go home with. We have been eyeing her mother up for awhile and Bear showed us her calf from the previous year. We saw a lot of potential in her and he thought she would be great for us. She has settled in now and we are happy with our experience with Bear. He is always extremely helpful and one of the most knowledgeable cattlemen in the industry we know. Thanks for a great heifer!"

John & Christine Talley

 John & Christine Talley
Talley Longhorns
Boonsboro, MD

"When I would visit Ben at G&G I loved the way he called the cows. You would see all of these magnificent big horned cows come running over the hill toward us. A very impressive sight to see.

When my wife, Christine, saw the cows I was baby sitting for Corky Crumbaugh she fell in love with them. So we wanted some of our own to decorate our pastures at our farm in Boonsboro, MD.

Chris and I came to G&G to get our first good pedigree cows in memory of Ben. Bear showed us around and helped us pick out a couple of very nice heifers as our first purchase. Ann & Bear graciously welcomed us into the Longhorn industry and introduced us into the world of Longhorns.

We feel we are very lucky that G&G Longhorns is where we started and continue to go. We again just recently purchased from G&G Longhorns, an awesome young heifer named Steel Texana who is another great addition to our herd. G&G is always there to answer questions we have. We continue to visit G&G and we look forward to keep participating in their Fall Roundup and Cherry Blossom events which helps us expand our knowledge, show us great cattle, and introduce us to others in the Longhorn industry, not to mention have a great time.

Thank you G&G Longhorns for getting us involved in the Longhorn industry and helping to keep us growing our herd stronger."