Jamie & Robin Dyal

Jamie & Robyn Dyal
Morristown, TN

"Last year, Jerry Loveday told me about G&G Longhorns and he also told me about the Fall Roundup so me and Robyn made plans to take a trip to Virginia to learn more about the longhorn business. When we got there we walked in the field and look at some great cows. We learned several things about the cows and how to work them and brand them. We met Bear, Ben, and several other really nice people in the longhorn business. We Learned about Hired Hand and how it works. I started watching the G&G website and I found a bull I liked. I called Bear and he gave me several options on what I could do to get a bull. I decided which one I wanted and was excited. Bear kept measuring him and let me know how he was doing until he brought him to Tennessee. We entered him in the Millennium Futurity and he took second place and I was even more excited. Now I can't wait to see what his calves will look like. We are looking forward to the fall roundup and doing business we G&G in the future. I would like to thank G&G once again for being so good to help me as I am getting started in the longhorn business and answering questions to help get me on the right track and thanks for a really nice young bull, I really like him. I will be watching the web site for my next purchase and hope to see you guys soon."

Jerry Loveday

 Jerry Loveday
E& L Longhorn Ranch
Dandridge, TN

When I came on board with Texas Longhorns in 2005, G&G was an already established ranch that had been in operation for many years.  It has been interesting to see how this welll known facility has grown even more in the past few years with the use of technology and bringing someone on board as a ranch manager who is savvy with its usage.  G&G has raised the bar for the rest of the breeders to follow by adopting the use of Hired Hand as their website builder.  HH with its interactiveness has made it so much easier to view cattle and their pedigrees.  Many of the animals now have pictures in their pedigree that helps new breeders visualize what their animals are capable of producing.  I think Mr. Gravett made a perfect pick when he chose Bear Davidson as his ranch manager. 

Bear has a more business approach with marketing the cattle.  Bear is never more than a phone call, text message, or email away.  I've called on him using all 3 methods.  It doesn't matter how small or large the quest may be, his response makes you think and feel important.  He is always searching for new ideas of how we can make work together to improve the breed and help each other market our animals.

G&G offers support for their customers and friends with their activity in the fall.  THis year I brought two new families who became first time buyers of animals from my herd.  I wanted them to meet other breeders and see how to work cattle.  Bear assembled a crew of fellow breeders who branded no only G&G animals buy anyone else who brought theirs.  It was a learning experience to see the different ways of branding.  New folks in the business need to be helped along to get more involved and become permanent instead of in for a short time then gone.  Everyone was so willing to share experiences as well as meet and greet.  My new customers felt right at home.

I think it is great that G&G allows folks to see their herd.  Not all of us have some of the tops in the industry in our herds.  We have all seen them in the magazines, but it takes one a whole new prospective to stand beside them in the field.  It gives us an opportunity to set personal goals that may be higher than what we had originally thought possible in the beginning.