Wes & Hayley Offord

Brigalow Longhorns
Queensland, Australia

"Wes and I started breeding registered Texas Longhorns in Australia about 5 years ago after making the switch from Red Brahmans. We soon became somewhat frustrated with the small gene pool we had to work from over here. We found ourselves researching pedigrees online. We have always loved RHF Sharp Shooter and Sniper. When I saw baby Sniped on G&G's website and looked over his pedigree and saw his dam I was blown away!  The other thing that was so appealing was he had none of those genetics in our herd. We then spoke to our "Trails West" partners Gordon and Desley Davidson and Michale and Lynda Bethel, they also were impressed with his pedigree. We decided if possible, we would partner on him....next step was to contact Bear, I was so nervous!! I played out all the scenarios in my head, all ending with him saying, No sorry, not possible, too difficult to organize to Australia. Instead what I got back was "This is interesting and could definitely work."  Since then Bear has helped us out regarding collection for international export. Fast forward 5 months we crossed the pond and visited Ann, Bear, and G&G. We unfortunately missed Shawn by a couple of weeks. We were welcomed with open arms and we visited their impressive herd and got to see 6 month old Sniped in the flesh. This was exciting for us. Since that time Bear has kept us updated on Sniped and his development with photos and video. Wes and I have also recently purchased a young heifer from G&G "Rustic Blackberry" in partnership with Robert Hanshaw and Rebecca Scott from Valley View Farms in Ohio. Once again Bear was fantastic. G&G has been a pleasure to do business with and we'd like to say thanks again for all you have done for us Aussies, you've gone above and beyond for us, as doing deals internationally comes with its own challenges and never have you shied away from this. We know that this is just the beginning and we look forward to the next time we come and say G'Day."