Chase Lunsford

20/20 Cattle Co.
Franklin, KY

"Bear, I wanted to take a minute to thank you for the excellent service I have been given in dealing with G&G Longhorns. From the outside looking in, it is very clear that G&G has their **** together (can I say that?) but as a customer, you don't quite realize how lucky we are to have the ability to purcahse animals from G&G until the process is complete. I have been familiar with the Longhorn industry since the early 2000s and Bear has been a person that has always stuck out in my mind. Back then, his passion for the animals and the industry itself was contagious. Fast forward 15 years, I am to the point where I can start my own herd and I knew exactly where I wanted to get some foundation females from. It should be turly inspiring to all of us that Bear's passion has led him to become a master of agronomy, genetics, photography, customer service, marketing, accounting, dietetics (both animal and human with the addition of their beef program), consultant, etc. the list could go on and on. This shows tenfold when you review the quality of animals they are offering. Thank you Bear and G&G for being so passionate about this industry and doing your part to better the Texas Longhorn Industry as a whole. We are proud to be able to work with you!"